News and Gossip | August 25, 2016

The Haven on the Loch - 10% Saving

Summer fun often leaves skin famished…yet it’s on centre stage!   

Don’t despair, here are 5 of the best quick-fix skin performers to achieve silky-shimmering glory.
It’s time to get ready to show off for the second half of summer …
It’s been a long time coming so who can blame us for trying to cram as much fun in the sun as physically possible?
And even those who’ve ventured further afield to ensure some guaranteed summer scorchers (BTW- how could you doubt our British summers….hmmm), well, you are probably in the same boat (or camp!) of overindulgence with large extra helpings of sun, sea and pool-party fun.  Not to mention all those delicious and of course, mandatory daily summer cocktails and ice creams!
So it is TOTALLY understandable that your normal skin care is unlikely to be up to the job (and that’s assuming you manage to squeeze in anything else alongside your multi sunscreen applications…). 
Worry not, don’t let your skin fade out when our summer’s only just arrived.  These are your go-to, guaranteed QUICK fixes that your skin will love you for:

1/ Organic Tan Prolonging Body Oil from Malaysian 100ml £36
A summer treasure, with tan-prolonging organic Carotene oil and anti-ageing, skin-nourishing organic Barbary fig.  All infused with tropical and sensual Champaka flowers from Malaysia. Glides on, absorbs quick, looks and smells great! 

2/ Non-Fragranced Shea Butter 300g £31.95
Has your summer fun thus far left you with ‘scaly legs’, ‘flip flop feet’ and ‘crunchy hair’??  Far from sexy – this is an instant fix for all those (plus more) AND is also suitable for any age and any skin type, including more sensitive skin. 100% pure shea butter with nothing else added. Naturally rich in vitamins – this is an intensive moisturising and skin healing butter which can be used on the face, hair and body to repair irritated, cracked, dehydrated and extra dry skin. 

Tip: A tiny amount goes a long way so this generous 300g jar will supply the whole family this summer!   Can even be used as a lip balm and to remove eye make-up!

3/ Carrot Face Oil 50ml £29.95
There’s quite a lot to say about this one, on an aesthetic level, the carotene instantly enhances your tan and lifts dull skin.  On a deeper level, the carotenoids are rich in anti-oxidants which helps both protect (considered a natural SPF) and repair the skin from free radical damage.  
This is also recommended for people who suffer breakouts as it balances sebum levels.  This non-greasy, daily moisturiser is a brilliant all-rounder and an exceptional after-sun face treatment.

Tip: Pair up with the Malaysian Body Oil (above) for your top-to-toe summer tan ‘glow-getter’.

4/ Green Tea and Ginger Eau de Parfum 100ml £69
A parfum that brings an instant softness with glorious fresh summer scents for any time of day and night. Do you have FOMO?  Well, Green Tea & Ginger is our best-selling fragrance range, and a definite must have for all.  100% one to try if you haven’t already!

5/ Orange Blossom Micellar Water 100ml £20.50
Most of us are guilty of allowing those long summer nights to ruin our ‘bedtime skin regime’!  If that’s you, then here is your answer:  a 3-in-1 magical floral water which cleanses, tones and removes make up in one hit (without stripping the skin, as many can).  No need for rinsing, just couple of cotton pads and you’re all done.    Smells amazing too, which you (and your pillow) will appreciate for the next morning!  Lush.

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