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The Malaysian Journey

Among the wonderful peninsulas on the China Sea, somewhere amidst the great blue of the ocean and the azure sky, you can find a little piece of paradise – Malaysia. In this mystical place rich in Asian traditions, next to Borneo, lies Sabah province. This is where, within the abundance of cultures, wellness rituals and traditional treatments, La Sultane de Saba has travelled to create this line of products. The Journey of the Malaysian Islands.

The essence of the Malaysian range is a combination of scents of tropical flowers and of “Champaka”, an exciting fragrance with honey-like notes of the champaka flower (the eternal incense) the aroma, diffuses as gently as candle light. The champaka flower, is an inherent element of Indian mythology, which at sunset starts to release an exquisite, lasting scent. This fragrance enriches every product of the Malaysian range with its soothing, succulent presence.

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