How we motivate at home

How we motivate at home

It is hard to motivate yourself when living through such an unsettled time.


Here’s how we stay motivated:

1. Routine
“Regardless of what is in store for the day, I get up and go to bed at the same time. Each morning, I shower using my Green Tea Ginger Silk Protein Scrub to energise. For my face, I simply use my Prickly Pear Face Oil yet spend a moment to self-massage again whilst taking a moment to do some breathing exercises. Even if I don’t see anyone all day, I still put a little make up on as it makes me feel so much better.”

2. Visualisation
“I know exercise makes me feel so much better but it is hard to motivate myself when I don’t have something in the diary to keep my focus. So instead, I use visualisation techniques (also great for relaxation). I picture how I feel and look when I am in good shape and visulaising being somewhere I really would love to be. This helps me get off the sofa and go running! For me, taking this time and connecting with nature is enough to keep me, my family and my work going for the day”

3. Be kind to ourselves & others
“After the 1st week of feeling an intense rush of stress, I realised I must lower my expectations of myself and others” “I also keep reminding myself that kindness feeds kindness and I try to reach out to others in whatever way I can – this really helps We are not going to be as productive when the world is facing a national pandemic.

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