How we replenish at home

How we replenish at home

Sleep, sleep, sleep, although easier said than done at the moment!

It is without question that a good nights sleep is your body’s favourite way to replenish. To help get the best night sleep, first try to relax more each day and then try my 3-steps to settle down to sleep:

1. Massage
I have coaxed my partner into learning a simple few steps to give me a 5 minute neck and shoulder massage each night. I find this usually has us laughing at some point but does also help me to unwind. And failing him being helpful then I always make time for a facial massage. I love the black soap as you want to keep massaging and similarly the new Rose Night Balm. Both just make you want to massage yourself more!

2. Learn how to meditate
“Despite working with spas and wellness, I find meditation so hard. However I use the Headspace App and find it incredibly helpful before I go to sleep each night. I’d highly recommend to anyone whether you love or loathe the idea of meditating!”

Our spa experts’ top 3 picks to replenish at home…