Hammam Box Set

Gift Box comprising of Orange Blossom: Body Oil 50ml, Rassoul 100ml, Black Soap 100ml, Kessa Glove

How to Use:

Body Oil - Multiple uses; can be used all over the body and hair, and as a luxurious bath oil.

Rassoul - Multiple uses; can be used all over the body, hair and face. Only use on the skin neat with a resting time 10 minutes as it is highly purifying, on the hair as a shampoo or hair mask to cleanse, reduce oiliness and provide volume

Black Soap - Use all over the body and face (avoid eyes), for best results use with our Kessa mitt, for a superlative exfoliation, every 10 days.

Key Benefits:

Body Oil - Body, bath & hair oil. 98% natural. Light, non-greasy texture.

Rassoul - Rassoul clay is known for having much higher absorbing and mineral rich properties than other clays or muds. Historically means “substance that cleanses”. Great for backs to help with acne.

Black Soap – Provides an invigorating exfoliation when used with the Kessa Mitt and dead skin visibly lifts away. 100% natural. Naturally foaming. Natural exfoliating action

Key Ingredients:

Body Oil – Prickly Pear - brightening, anti-ageing, protection from free-radicals, astringent & nourishing; Omega 6, vitamin E & essential fatty acids- all within prickly pear oil; Carrot Root Oil – repairing; Sunflower Seed - moisturising, nourishing

Rassoul - Lava Clay – (from the Atlas Mountains) magnesium & iron oxide re-mineralising, purifying; Rose – calming, soothing, toning; Salicylic Acid- improve cellular regeneration, even skin texture, soothe irritation, cleansing.

Black Soap - Organic Black & Green Olives – hydrating, rejuvenating; Eucalyptus – anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory & decongesting; Olive Fruit Oil – regenerating, replenishing.

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