Malaysian Box Set

Malaysian Champaka Flower Gift Set – Having a spa treatment in your own home.

How to Use:

Shea Butter - Take a small amount of butter and melt it by massaging into the skin in circular motions. Focus particular care to dry skin areas. Place jar into bowl of hot water to melt or put knob of butter into microwave for just a few seconds (be careful, it heats quickly).

Body Lotion - Use daily to moisturise body. Can apply oil before lotion for intense hydration, for those with drier skin.

Body Scrub - Use 1-2 times per week. Apply on a damp skin using energetic movements with your hands to scrub, shower off

Key Benefits:

Nourishing, balancing & exfoliating, with a soothing calming fragrance

Key Ingredients:

Shea - nourishing, balancing, healing

Vitamins A, E & F - naturally occurring in Shea

Champaka flower - calming, soothing, fragrant

Coconut Milk - hydrating, anti-ageing, replenishing

Sweet Almond Oil - nourishing, Vitamins A, B & E

Sea Shell - exfoliating

Champaka Flower - calming, soothing, fragrant

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