Rose Facial Set & Pouch

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Brides Elixir 100ml

BB Brides Cream 100ml

Rose Night Balm 100ml


Beautifully presented Rose Facial Care Set.

Includes a soft branded Travel Pouch.

Brides Elixir 50ml, BB Brides Cream 100ml, Rose Night Balm 100ml

How to Use:

Brides Elixir 50ml - Simply spritz directly or onto cotton wool, over the complexion, neck & décolleté post cleansing. Also use as a hydrating and refreshing body mist.

BB Brides Rose Cream 100ml - Apply in the morning after cleansing the face. Massage into the face using circular motions. Perfect as a make up base.

Rose Night Balm - A toning and nourishing balm that combines the essence of rose for a sensual and effective skin treat whilst you sleep. Apply at night time.

Key Benefits:

Brides Elixir - Can be kept in the fridge for a refreshing spritz. Use throughout the day to refresh and stay hydrated.

BB Brides Rose Cream - This BB cream (Blemish Balm) is designed to cover any imperfections, smooth the skin tone. Traditionally used by 'brides to be', to give the skin a warm and healthy glow.

Rose Night Balm - Rich and velvety texture absorbs easily into the skin and leaves your complexion revitalized by morning.

Key Ingredients:

Brides Elixir - Rose Geranium – balancing, calming and acts as a natural gentle astringent. Orange Blossom – refreshing, hydrating, toning, anti-inflammatory

BB Brides Rose Cream - Shea Butter - nourishing, healing. Sweet Almond Oil - nourishing, softening, vitamins A, B & E Rose - calming, soothing, toning

Rose Night Balm - Sunflower oil, sugar, Damas rose essential oil - revitalising and nourishing.

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