The age old wonder scrub

The quickest and easiest way to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy is with this age-old Moroccan cleansing practice which uses a traditional ‘Kessa Glove’:

The kessa glove is gentle enough to use daily to: cleanse, remove dry skin, stimulate blood circulation and revitalise the body.  Simply apply your cleansing product (see below) and place the glove onto your hand, lightly scrubbing in a back and forth massaging motion.

The optimal combination is to use with our best-selling Black Soap or the Rassoul Lava Clay. This perfect pairing has again been practiced for centuries and with good reason.  The Rassoul is best for more oily skin whereas the Black Soap is suited for all skin types including drier skin. Both can be used as a cleanser for face and body (avoiding contact with the eyes).

Tip: Using daily will help fight cellulite and prevent in-grown hairs.  Plus, you can clean the glove in the washing machine (so much better than those horrible shower ‘puffs’ that sit hanging around for months on end)!

Try this instead of your normal soap/shower gel routine and you will see the difference … your skin will love you for it!

PS:  The best way to moisturise following this cleansing ritual is using one of our shea butters or body oils bringing you super supple, soft skin.

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