Your top five most loved treasures!

We’re often asked ‘what are your best sellers’ and naturally there’s always some that we can be sure of each month, but it’s interesting to see the changes, often indicating emerging trends in both product as well as fragrance.

So, for those who like to compare and see what they may be missing or indeed, jointly loving, here’s our top 5 for last month to give you an insight into the UKs most loved from La Sultane de Saba

Top five Most Loved:

  1. Black Soap
    One of the best secrets to super soft, clear skin (for face and body)!
  2. Brides Elixir
    The smell is enough to get you hooked and right now this brings a beautiful spring-like bouquet of orange blossom and rose to your facial skin toning routine
  3. Prickly Pear Face Oil
    Always a hit, this super light face is also a superior anti-ageing delight, perfect for day and night
  4. Green Tea Ginger Body Oil
    A very fresh summery fragrance within a blend of lush yet easily absorbed anti-ageing body oils
  5. Orange Blossom Body Oil
    Walk in the wake of sweet orange blossom and you can’t help but have a spring in your step!